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What Do You Mean By Custom Pieces?

We have a favorite game in our house. Well, I like it, but I’m not sure Josh is as much of a fan.

I really enjoy home décor magazines and shows. I love to pull inspiration from what amazing people are doing all over the world (with way more money than I have for a piece). I find these gorgeous things, think of where they might work in our home, and then redesign them to suit my style and the space better.

Sometimes I look at a place in our home where things just aren’t working and start to draw what I think would work better – an oddly shaped space that could use more storage, an underused area that needs a purpose, or an overcrowded space that needs simplified with one cohesive, thoughtful unit. No matter the starting point, beautiful inspiration piece or underperforming home space, we end up in the same place. This favorite game of mine.

Me: “Hey, I want this.”

Josh: “Yeah, we can make that.”

We don’t always decide that it makes sense right now. Sometimes it isn’t in the budget at the moment or moving other pieces around might work instead, but I’ve been glad every single time that we’ve custom built a piece for our home. Every time, the pieces have improved the functionality and personalization of our home.

This is what we mean by custom pieces. We want to build cabinets, furniture, shelving, or light fixtures that reflect who you are and how you use your home.

Send us a message and let’s get started designing!

Before and after: this awkward wall didn't fit any prefabricated cabinets, but needed storage for exercise equipment, toys, and more, along with requiring a place for lamps and accessibility to the light switch... custom cabinets were the only solution.

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