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All the Small Things

This blog entry is my new catch-all for projects that don't get their own post. Check out pictures of:

- A solid oak child size table a chair set

-Custom designed and built closet organization

- A "bunk bed tree house"

-The time we built 16 custom wood tables for a new daycare.

-The chicken coop (I still feel like it looks like Rosie from "The Jetsons")

-A pair of broadcast video/audio desks

-small corner floating shelves

-A corner shower

-A cat door

-Custom solid cedar WALL HUNG floating cube storage units in navy and black.

-A murphy bed.

and the many things not pictured:

-dozens of toilet, dishwasher, and microwave installs

-hundreds of doorknob, deadbolt, and cabinet knob installs.

-and lots more!

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